Cine App on iPhone

Your movie collections in your smartphone !
The application is free.
Available for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPod touch.
In-app option: Unlimited friends.

Organize your DVD and Blu-ray collections among others

Classify all your films according to simple and practical criteria : DVD / Blu-ray, to buy / to watch, favorite / dislike, lent / borrowed.

New 2.3.0Discover the collections of your friends.

New 2.2.0New collections : to sale / sold.

New 2.2.0Compare your favorite movies in pairs until you get a refined rating.

Search over 150,000 films

Quickly find the references of all movies with a standalone search catalog with thousands of movies.

New 2.1.0Home with movies that are currently in the movies.

New 2.1.0Home with the most anticipated films.

Detailed information

Each film presents a clear interface with all the useful information such as the film's score and the synopsis among others.

New 2.1.0Share a movie or a collection with your friends by e-mail. React live on Facebook or Twitter on your favorite movies.

Photos in gogo

Benefit from an attractive display with series of photos extracted from the films, in optimal resolution.

YouTube Trailers

You can watch the trailer of any movie at any time without leaving the application.


You have access to a complete list of actors, actresses, directors and producers to be unbreakable on the castings.

Easily find the list of movies played by your favorite actor or actrive.

New 2.1.0Each artist has a detailed sheet with a lot of information (Photo, biography, ...).

Amazon links only for France

New 2.1.0Direct purchases DVD and Blu-ray via Amazon links.

Sessions only for France

The application allows you to find a cinema session near you at any time.

New 2.1.0Easily locate VO and 3D sessions.

Personal and secure account

Your access is secured and saved to ensure the durability of your collections.

Your collections available offline

With application-specific storage, you can view all of your collections as soon as you need them ... even if you do not have a network nearby.

Choose your language

Launching the application in 4 countries : England, USA, France and Canada.
Application translated into 2 languages : English and French.